Part III,The Deck.


Brass hatch installed.

This device I use for making these hatches,it will save me alot of time.

More hatches installed.

3.7 anti craft gun,it came from the Robbe Company,It`s a 1/40 scale gun,the Engel boat is in the 1/45 scale.

The three hatches freshly painted.

Some wall decorations.








Part II

I removed this grey PVC plate,I will replace this by fiberglass.

Fiberglass and ABS don`t really attaches.
Back then I use alot of different glues,that`s why I had to cut the front.

I had to cut the front of the boat.


Sanding of the upper is required,there was alot filler,and I mean alot.

Making new front dive planes support.

 Here I am making some extra supports for the upper deck.

 Here I am adding some extra fiberglass.


I will now make the brass hatches for the external containers. new workshop.